"Girls In Softball" Sponsorship


The Lady Legendz Softball Foundation (LLSF) is excited to announce the our "Girls in Softball" Sponsorship program is now taking applications!


This opportunity is available from March 1-31, 2021 and all applications must be received no later than March 31, 2021. Any applications received after this date will not be considered. 


The recipients will be notified and announced on April 15, 2021. Please see the guidelines document for all required documentation and submission requirements.

"Swinging Fore Success" is back!

Saturday, June 26, 2021 at Teal Bend  Golf Club

Please join us for our 2nd Annual "Swinging Fore Success" Gold Classic!

100% of the proceeds support our "Girls in Softball Sponsorship.

About Us

The Lady Legendz Softball Foundation (LLSF) is a charitable, 501(c3) nonprofit softball foundation dedicated to promoting women and girls in sports and wellness.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our mission is to continue to play the sport that we love, while providing resources and support to organizations and communities that uplift and empower women and girls.

We envision a community in which all girls and women, are nurtured and empowered to reach their fullest potential on and off the field.