The Lady Legendz Softball Foundation (LLSF) is a Sacramento based adult women's softball organization. It is a competitive amateur team made up of diverse women; we are mothers, daughters, sisters and students who have a love and passion for the game of softball and a commitment to supporting young girls in sports. 
Founded in 2004, the Lady Legendz softball team has brought together competitive softball players from throughout the Greater Sacramento region to compete locally as well as throughout the nation.  The Lady Legendz placed in the top 5 multiple times in the USSSA "Worlds" tournament in which there were over 80 teams in their division.
In addition to managing a softball team, LLSF supports community events through volunteer activities. These activities include, but are not limited to: providing monetary sponsorships to girls to play competitive softball, the mentoring of young girls interested in sports, providing softball lessons and the donation of softball equipment.
More recently, LLSF has begun to expand its charity work beyond its current endeavors to reach more young girls in sports and provide opportunities for athletic goals to be achieved.  

Our Members

Board of Directors

Janelle Ito-Orille, President

Lisa Alves, Vice President

Rachel Sosa, Secretary

Tanya Black, Treasurer

Dina Hidalgo, Parliamentarian/Governance 

Krystal Moreno, Founding Member/Girls in Softball Committee Chair

Chanel Gonzales-Daffin, Founding Member/Social Media Coordinator

Christy Daniel, Founding Member

Shea Moreno, Youth Liaison

Organization Members

Heather Amos-McGuire

Diona LaChapelle

Michelle Kubo

Londyn Grueneberg

Erika Ochoa

Sara Fleming