"Girls in Softball" Sponsorship

2022 Sponsorship Recipients

The Lady Legendz Softball Foundation has an ongoing fundraising campaign to directly support girls who play or plan to play for a local travel softball team. As former high school and collegiate athletes, LLSF understands the importance sports played in our lives; not just as athletes but as professional women, mothers, students, mentors, advocates, and philanthropists. 

The lessons learned while playing the game and the value system developed through participating in team sports is a foundation that lasts a lifetime. Because many of our members grew up playing competitive softball, we know the financial impacts it can have on families. We also know that many talented girls never get a chance to play travel ball as a direct result of the high costs associated. Unfortunately, these girls fall through the cracks, never getting the opportunity to play ball on a larger stage that could provide exposure to college coaches.

OUR PURPOSE: of this sponsorship effort is to help eliminate the cost barrier to playing competitive softball and create an opportunity for girls to play the sport they love at a level that could be a springboard to college. In addition, your donation today will help us create a cycle of “paying it forward” that goes beyond a monetary donation. As we help our young girls to empower themselves, they in turn learn to uplift and empower others in return. 

For these reasons, we ask all of you to

“Step Up your Game – Invest, Empower, Uplift” 
Fundraising Goal:

Our goal is to award local softball players up to $1,000 each to help offset costs associated with playing travel softball (travel expenses, softball lessons, equipment, etc.). 

100% of funds raised will go directly to a local softball player through a competitive application process.

Lady Legendz Softball Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and your contribution is tax deductible.

Email: info@ladylegendz.com to request a receipt of your donation.