Albie Aware Donation 

Happy Holidays Lady Legendz family and supporters!


I wanted to just share the love that was given to us from Albie Aware when I took the donation check to them. They were not aware of the amount we were donating so when opened the envelope and saw the amount Cindy gasped with excitement and hugged me just kept saying “Thank you.” 


She talked about how many women this was going to help and how much it truly is making a difference. They are providing services at a discounted ...cost so the donations can go a long way. For example, they refer a woman for a mammogram which can cost over $300 out of pocket. But Albie Aware’s cost is about $140! 


It really reminded me and highlights the importance of what our tournament represents. It’s amazing to think about an event that hosts roughly about 1000 people in two days on a staff of about 15-20 person staff!!


Great job again everyone for their work and contributions! 


Happy New Year!!

Janelle Ito-Orille, President 

Lady Legendz Softball Foundation